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TMD: Medical-Healthcare Source


This Website is Composed of Four Parts :
- Healthcare Centres :  hospitals, clinics, physicians, specialties.
- Hospitality Services : resort, 'SPA', beautification, quasi-medical.
- Search-Database :  medical information to support and assist choices.
- Services-Agent : traveller and medical assist services.
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NOTE: in September 2006, the quasi-legally elected government of Thaksin Shinawatra was tossed out by a military Coup;
the 'government, its' policies, appointments, and administration' has therefore been made by Pro-Junta military appointees;
this will have effect for investors, property owners,
and those wishing legal-judication of a dispute. 
Legal protections were already inplace but were strenghtened such that it is impossible to sue for medical malpractice. 
Also, as Thailand has never signed the UN Hague Convention on Childrens Human Rights, a thai citizen can abduct a 'biological' child without concern of arrest or custody dispute from the Thai officiales.
The police, courts, and embassies will go out of there way to assist with the abduction to Thailand or within Thailand. The 'biological' foreigner parent has no legal defense or police or foreign embassy assistance [as Embassies' policy is not to interfere in the 'soverign rights' as practiced by Thailand.]
  The United Nations examined Thailands public phramacys, about 10,000 of them, and found only about 100 meeting any basic standard, meaning there is a high error in judgment and qauality.
  Thailand remains on numerous Watch Lists for human rights abuses
and trading abuses.

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