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TMD: Medical-Healthcare Source

Medical Travel Agent/ Assistant: Thailand
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  Travelers to Thailand with mobility impairment due to either genetics, age, injury or disease will find that there are virtually few considerations for this;  Thai's are not without concern and it is the medical centres that have the forthought and provisions for these services. We can also provide our own medical service specialists.
  Although marginal facilities or educated caregivers have been randomly introduced, it often amounts to incomplete 'bridge to nowhere' or a barrier 'mission impossible' This is not to demean what little has been done, but to emphasize what needs to be done.
Medical Travel Agent/ Assistant :
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Medical Insurance :
Here is our address, phone number,
Thailand MD-Sources
Medical Travel Assistance
Miracle Centre, Sukhumvit Road Soi-41
Bangkok, 10110 Thailand
Phone: (662) 555-1212 
  Medical malpractice happens everywhere.  Thailand has some unique legal obsticals: difficulty in proceeding: (1) social bias/complexity of initiating police action against the cause, (2) procuring a lawyer/barrister for a medical-lawsuit, (3) uncertain guarantees that judication will be either expedient or unbiased or worth time/expense.  For the thai medical provider, there exists (1) an unfounded fear that a foreign patient is more likely to make police complaint and/or (2) a  foreigner is unable to secure healthcare at a reasonable price or (3) procedures available to thai patients are unavailable.  The balance for both sides is that thai medical / healthcare services are competent and most will usually render any additional services to patient satisfaction without added charge. Trust from both sides is required to proceed fairly.